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Happy Chinese New Year!

I wish you a very Happy New Year! Yesterday was the last day of Chinese New Year celebrations, so it's the second warning to start the hard work again.

Following our first Happy New Year update, the first good news is that Mr. Gustavo is finally here. He will spend 3 weeks in Jakarta learning Bahasa (Indonesian Language) and move to Sumba by April. I need to tell you that is not easy for someone to adapt to Indonesia, so he will go through a transition process created by us that would have avoided the failures we had in the past with other expats.

Asiabeef Jakarta Family

For the first 3 months in Sumba, he will be observing, learning about the Company and formalizing a plan to start A.I. (artificial insemination) next year. Gustavo is the head of Asiabeef's Genetics Improvement Department. In order to start start A.I. next year, we need to prepare our cows, give them special minerals, identify sources for hormones, medicines, lab equipment and, finally, select the right bull.

The second important update is that we are chasing 3 opportunities of expansion: West Seram, Saumlaki and Benkulu; 2 of which would allow us to achieve growth superior to >10,000ha of land in one shot. Once the location is chosen, we will request a Izin Prinsip and Izin Lokasi for the land (Principal and Location Permits) and approach the local people. The downside is that we start having expenses with local consultants.

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