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Welcome to Asiabeef

Firstly, I would like to welcome everyone for joining us in this exciting journey of building a sustainable and everlasting business. We are all really thankful of having your support and trust.

This part of the website is exclusive to those who somehow collaborates with Asiabeef. It is the place where I will keep everyone posted and updated regarding the progress of Asiabeef's projects. OUR projects!

My goals in doing this is to enforce transparency and build an open channel of communication between all stakeholders within the Company.

Expect to see a post once every once in a while. Let's try not to make life too formal. This means that I will keep my freedom in the posts to discuss about new ideas, company financials, business plan updates, opportunities within the industry, interesting things that are happening around the Company and everything that I think it's worth to let you know about. And don't worry, we still make all the formal and official stuff the government and auditors want to see.

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