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Asiabeef is a sustainable cattle company. We are developing Asia’s largest fully integrated cattle business. Our businesses range from breeding the best cattle in Indonesia to serving the best beef to the consumer. Our focus is to produce beef in a highly efficient and sustainable manner.

Our management is comprised of industry professionals from Brazil with more than 20 years’ experience in building, operating and managing cattle ranches.

Asiabeef’s core ideology and envisioned future were conceived in 2010 by the company’s founders. Since then, we’d been searching, negotiating and conducting feasibility studies on unused lands in Indonesia.

Our first project is being developed in the Island of Sumba in Indonesia...


Our mission is to ease the conscience of every meat-lover that support our company.


Our vision is to become Asia’s leading company in the beef industry, based on an efficient and sustainable business model.


  • Ethics. “Our way of conducting business shall always reflect the highest moral and ethical values.” 

  • Efficiency“In our company, everyone’s time and resources are highly valued and appraised.” 

  • Satisfaction. “We work in order to deliver satisfaction to our customers, suppliers and collaborators, contributing for everyone’s personal level of happiness.”

  • Excellence“To be admired for everything our company does.” 

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